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Walk 1 :


Start along the Concrete road opposite the old Post Office.  At the end of the hedges on the left follow the path, keeping to the right of the hedge.  The actual footpath was not marked through the crops when I tried to find it, but the path by the hedge is good.  Follow the stream round and then turn left over a small footbridge straight across the field, through a gap in the hedge towards some barns.  Keep the barns on the left, through the farm yard, over the farm road and through a gate on the other side (Culworth Grounds), across the field to a new gate/stile into a copse, across a new footbridge and another new stile (all very impressive). Across the field keeping to the left of the house, over a stile to the Thorpe road.

Turn right along the road and then left (c 10 m), through the gate on the left and diagonally across the field in front of the old barn.  Through the gate (or over the stile), under the power lines.  Keep the hedge on your left, through a gate (no footpath sign on this at the moment), keep the hedge on your left and through a gap half way along the field (no sign). Across the field, remains of a beautiful old stone barn on your left.  Head back towards Culworth, keeping the wood on your right, veer right at a fence(signposted), past more old barns (and a scrap yard!), along the farm track and over the stile into Banbury Lane.  Right along the road and back into Culworth.




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