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Churches and Chapels

In the book entitled 1851 -   Religious Census of Northamptonshire  makes interesting reading.  Certainly the numbers of people attending services are somewhat different from today.  This was the only time a religious census was taken in Northamptonshire and at this time besides St Mary’s there was the Baptist Chapel (built in 1842 and demolished in the 1960’s – all that remains are a few tombstones in the grounds of Fulford Cottage) and the Moravian Chapel.                                                                   

Built in 1809 and renovated in 1872.  it was much altered when it was converted into a house).  This area was one of the few bases for Moravians and a Moravian church still exists in Woodford Halse.


The Moravian Chapel.

The population of Culworth in 1851 was 685.                                                                    


St Mary’s; morning 220, afternoon 240 and on both occasions, Sunday scholars (Sunday School?) was 60

The Baptist Chapel; 3 services; morning 45, afternoon 20 and evening 80;  Sunday scholars  35 for each service.

The Moravian Chapel; morning 52 and evening 53; no mention of Sunday scholars

There were occasional services at the Baptist chapel within living memory with memories of beautiful harvest festivals. There are also people who remember the Moravian Chapel being used as a Scouts Cabin, one room with an annex and once a month apparently a man came and sold pies from here.

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