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HS2 Updates

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Culworth Petition to House of Commons

Following the petitioning process conducted by the Parish Council, HS2 Ltd were directed by the Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate what measures could be taken to reduce noise intrusion for the dwellings just to the east of the line between Lower Thorpe and Culworth. HS2's investigations came to the conclusion that any such insulation measures were not good value for money and advised the Select Committee accordingly. 

The Select Committee considered this advice, rejected it and directed HS2 Ltd to provide sound mitigation as follows:

  A  2m ( above rail level ) absorptive noise barrier from the north end of the viaduct as far a Ch105 +900(a distance of 500m ) . The viaduct barrier would remain at 1.4m above rail level as per Environmental Statement but would have noise absorbent treatment to the inner face . 


Stuart Rolt Chair of Parish Council thanks  everyone who helped so much with the petitioning process and on the day the Select Committee visited the area. All that hard work has proved worthwhile.


The Petition

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The HS2 Hybrid Bill select committee of MPs visit to Thorpe Mandeville - 27 October 2014

HS2 Property Consultation Information>>

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Although the HS2 project has widespread parliamentary support, the fight against it continues. The appeal to the Supreme Court, on the absence of a strategic environmental assessment was heard in October and we are awaiting the outcome.  The fight in the media also continues with many newspapers being openly critical and a growing number of influential bodies such as The TaxPayers Alliance adding their voices to the criticism.  However, despite a huge body rational argument against it, many politicians are still behind HS2.


The Government is currently asking people to have their say on the environmental impacts of Phase 1 of HS2. 

It is hard to express in a few sentences just how negatively impacted our environment would be should HS2 get built. But do be aware that even the Government's own report on this issue highlights major negative impacts to wildlife, ecosystems and ancient woodland. 

We are therefore asking the thousands of people across the country who have signed up as registered supporters of HS2AA, including you, to make your voice heard before the February 27th deadline for comments and respond to this consultation.

There are two ways of responding to the consultation.

If you wish to submit a detailed response just go to our new page on this topic. You will find lots of information there, including details on what exactly is being consulted on and further details of the likely damage to our environment. 

If you have only 30 seconds, please go to our quick response page which is at, which will enable you to submit a consultation response in under a minute. 

Remember numbers are important- so please encourage friends, family and co-workers to use this tool too.

Thanks for your support


PS HS2AA is preparing a detailed route wide response for this consultation-and we are working with leading independent subject matter experts in the fields of carbon, waste, noise, landscape and biodiversity to form a comprehensive independent assessment of the environmental impact of HS2. We think this is vital-but can only hire such experts thanks to donations from generous people like you-if you can help us please go to

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